Festival Main Stage

Cooking Demonstrations

Hosted by Roberta Muir, Joanna Savill and Nerida Conway, our cooking demonstrations will feature Sydney’s loved chefs teaming up with local providores. Learn to cook like an Italian with Silvia Colloca, Stefano Manfredi, Aldo OrtadoNino Zoccali, Luca Ciano, Claudio Barzano (MARTA) and Matteo Zamboni (JONAH’s). Discover how Italian cooking is all quality ingredients using simple techniques.

Cooking Demonstrations are FREE and included in your festival entry ticket.



10.30am: Chef Luca Ciano (Chef Consultant, Author, ‘Luca Ciano Product Range’) + Giuseppe Vannella (Vannella Cheese)
Italian vs Australian-made: why cooking better Italian food at home means knowing what ingredients to buy
Dish:  Prosciutto di Parma + Buffalo Ricotta frittersto match Birra Moretti
Host:  Nerida Conway


11.15am:  Aldo Ortado (MasterChef Australia 2018) + Roberto Dessanti (Wine + Food Specialist, Importer – Euro Concepts)
How to make traditional, Roman style carbonara at home
Dish:  Roman-style carbonara pasta, featuring guanciale, pasta + cheese from Euro Concepts
Host:  Nerida Conway


12.00pm:  Stefano Manfredi (Chef, Restaurateur, Writer) + Carmelo Ocello (Formaggi Ocello – Cheese Specialist + Cheese Market Sydney – Importer)
 Roman pizza “in teglia” featuring cheese + prosciutto from Ocello
Host:  Joanna Savill


12.45pm:  Silvia Colloca (Cookbook Author, TV Host) + Chef Mario Bruno (Mutti Tomatoes)
The secret to Italian cooking: simplicity + quality ingredients
Dish:  Risotto style spaghettini with mussels
Host:  Joanna Savill


1.45pm:  Nino Zoccali (The Restaurant Pendolino + La Rosa the Strand) + Cristian Casarin (Group Sommelier, The Restaurant Pendolino + La Rosa the Strand)
How to master a classic Venetian risotto at home
Dish:  Risotto al Recioto – a classic Valpolicella sweet red wine risotto with lardo
Host:  Roberta Muir


2.30pm:  Matteo Zamboni (Jonah’s Restaurant) + Russell McKean (Farmer, The Good Garlic Guy)
The chef’s secret ingredient to cooking better food at home: know your farmer
Dish:  A simple dish of potatoes + garlic
Host:  Roberta Muir


3.15pm:  Claudio Barzano (MARTA Osteria) + Luca Ciano (Consorzio di Parmigiano Reggiano)
Parmigiano Reggiano + 2 Italians
Part 1:  Parmigiano Reggiano masterclass with Luca Ciano
Dish:  Cacio e Pepe
Host:  Roberta Muir

Curated by Roberta Muir, Sydney Seafood School


11.30am:  ‘Sardinian Bottarga – Made in Australia’
Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater) + Con Nemistas (Southern Fresh) hosted by Roberta Muir
Spaghetti risottati, pomodorini e Pilu bottarga – spaghetti cooked in fish stock, cherry tomatoes and Pilu bottarga

12.15pm:  ‘Roman-style Pizza with Calabrian-style Salumi’
Stefano Manfredi + Gianluca Donzelli (PizzaPerta) with Massimo Scalas (Salumi Australia) hosted by Roberta Muir
Roman pizza with confit tomatoes, burrata and ’nduja

1.00pm:  ‘Classic Saltimbocca – Prosciutto Masterclass’
Lucio Galletto (Lucio’s) + Luca Ciano (Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma) hosted by Roberta Muir
Classic Saltimbocca

1.45pm:  ‘Spaghetti gets a Luxury Rocklobster Makeover’
Richard Ptacnik (Otto Ristorante) + Will Brunker (Joto) hosted by Roberta Muir
Spaghetti with Rock Lobster, Tomato, Brandy, Chilli & Garlic

2.30pm:  ‘Ancient Ingredients – Garum and Olive Oil’
Nino Zoccali (Pendolino) + Westerly Isbaih (Alto Olives) hosted by Joanna Savill
Bucatini alle ortiche con garum e olio extra vergine – Roman nettle bucatini, collatura, alto 2017 robust extra virgin olive oil

3.15pm: ‘Campari: Good Enough to Eat’
Cristuan Jordaan (Popolo) with Daniele Pirotta (Campari) hosted by Joanna Savill
Campari cured salmon, blood orange Damon tartare, salmon roe, Campari jelly, golden elk, pangratato, straciatella, black salt

4.00pm: ‘Gnocchi Masterclass’
Andrew Cibej + Scott Williams (Bacco Osteria e Espresso) hosted by Joanna Savill
Gnocchi Ricotta Della Casa e Mollica d’Olive (Gnocchi with homemade ricotta & black olive crumb)

4.45pm:  ‘Italy Meets Japan’
Federico Zanellato (LuMi) with Vito + Giuseppe Minoi (Vannella Cheese) hosted by Pat Nourse
Stracciatella with Sea Urchin, Seaweed Paste, Toasted Brioche wrapped in Nori

5.30pm: ‘Pizza Fritta Two Ways’
Francesco Spataro (Aperitivo) with Mutti rep. Mimmo Lubrano (Sandhurst Fine Foods) hosted by Pat Nourse
Pizza fritta – Montanara + Calzone

6.15pm: ‘Negroni Spectacular’ with Daniele Pirotta (Campari) hosted by Pat Nourse

2018 program to be announced soon!